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Wikipedia Vanda Miss Joaquim

Vanda 'Miss Joaquim' (Chinese: ?????; Pinyin: zhuój?n wàndàilán), also known as the Singapore Orchid and the Princess
Aloha Orchid is a hybrid orchid

cultivar that is Singapore's national flower.

Flowers Around the Garden, Singapore Botanical Garden

There are several indigenous trees found in and around Singapore. Small rainforest in the Botanical Garden and Bukit Timah Natural Reserve are two of the best places to find these indigenous trees in Singapore. Some of these indigenous trees include Tembusu (Fagraea fragrans) and Tiger Orchid. Tembusu is one type of a large tree which provides hard wood and it has white and yellow flowers. These flowers bloom in the months of May with a distinct fragrance. On the other hand Grammatophyllum is a flowering stalk that grows up to 2 meters in size and is one of the species of Tiger Orchid. It is one of the largest orchid species that produces many racemes which arises from pseudobulb along with several olive green and waxy flowers.


Vanda Miss Joaquim is said to be a hybrid orchid native and the national flower of Singapore. In the year 18923, this particular species of Vanda trees were initially discovered in the Agnes Joaquim gardens. This particular flower was chosen as a part of national pride and recognition among the 40 other flowers to be the national flower of Singapore. The capacity of this flower to bloom all thorough the year was considered to imitate the regions continuous quest for excellence and progress in every aspect of life. This particular flower needs high humidity, air movement, heavy fertilizing and sunlight in order to achieve optimum flowering and growth. It also requires a support to grow tall and straight. Distinct to other countries of the world, Singapore possesses peculiarity of being the only country to possess a hybrid as its national flower.

Every species in the world have its significance in nature and its outcome after its extermination changes.
The causes and methods of several species becoming endangered are many. However, they are generally related
and even caused by humans who are responsible for endangering al the species which are been destroyed every year.
One of the main reasons why species are endangered is due to the loss if natural habitats.
Usually, every year rainforests are been deforested, marshes and wetlands are drained and slowly
and steadily grasslands are converted into towns and cities. This is the main problem worldwide.

There are quite a few precautionary measures that can be implemented to save these endangered species and even improving the environment.
There are several programs being run by private organizations and governments and usually these programs are appreciated worldwide.

singapore dragon flowers , yellow daisy These organizations collect money for the parks and zoos which have endangered species.
Even these organizations work in recycling aluminum cans, by doing so the bauxite which is a metal type mineral
extracted from the soil beneath the rainforest can be conserved. This type of mineral is being used in all the aluminum cans.

This type of preservation can definitely save the rainforests from being destroyed
and also the demolishing amount of natural habitats of species can be stopped. The energy conversation can also help in saving all the endangered species.



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